Bronze Wildlife Sculptures by Shawn McAvoy


About Shawn McAvoy

Shawn’s love for wildlife has been with him for as far back as he can remember. This lifelong appreciation of these amazing creatures and the desire to share their beauty with others is the driving force that motivates him to capture their awesome and unique character forever in bronze.

Shawn McAvoy
Shawn McAvoy in a Field of Snow

The goal as a wildlife sculptor is to evoke in the viewer a connection with these wild animals, thus further deepening an appreciation for them. Passing on this appreciation of nature to future generations will help to ensure the well-being of these animals. Shawn’s hope is that in the future, his bronzes will not be examples of some zoo-kept or extinct creatures but of flourishing, abundant animals living free in the wilderness and in harmony with us.

The realistic approach that Shawn McAvoy reflects in his sculptures is a testament to his respect for the natural world. He pays precise attention to every detail, exceptionally depicts his subjects, and captures extreme realism from every angle.

Shawn Working with Bear Sculpture
Shawn with Manatee Sculptures

Since he began sculpting wildlife in 1996 Shawn a self-taught artist developed esteem for wildlife while spending time at his family’s cabin deep in the mountains of the Adirondacks and felt a need to express those awesome animals through his artwork. His works has been well received by both corporate, public and private collectors reaching across the globe. The attention to detail is remarkable in his ability to capture numerous species from raptors to bears and beyond. The realistic accuracy reflected in his sculptures is a testament to his respect for the natural world.

The drama depicted in his sculptures makes them come alive as if freezing them for a moment in time.

Shawn and Susan A. Berland

In 2012, the Lake George Steamboat Company purchased Shawn’s bronze bald eagle piece Majestic Vision and placed it on an anchor. This serves as the company’s historical marker in front of their building on Beach Road in Lake George, NY.

In addition to being purchased by many collectors, Shawn’s work has also found homes in various companies’ headquarters, such as JLS Automation.

Against the Wind

Against the Wind Peregrine Sculpture

Osprey Soaring and Students

In 2019, Shawn received a proclamation from Suffolk County legislator Susan A. Berland. It bestowed him praise and admiration for his accomplishments in creating wildlife art over the past 20-plus years. 

In 2023 Shawn’s “Terminal Velocity Osprey” was selected for the National Sculpture Society’s 90th Award Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens S.C. also that year it placed 2nd in the American Art Awards. His “Against the Wind” peregrine falcon placed 3rd in the 2023 World Art Awards.

JLS Photo with Osprey Soaring and Students Touring Their Facilities

JLS wrote: “Join us in welcoming our newest team member! The sleek peregrine falcon is known for its diving speed during flight, making it not only the world’s fastest bird but the world’s fastest animal.”